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Whether you're looking to buy - or have cattle for sale, feeder cattle, cows, bulls, club calves, horses, or other ranch related items including real estate, matches buyers to sellers coast to coast and border to border.

By listing your livestock here, your listing can be found by every potential buyer on the internet! While you're at it, you're saving the two or three percent commission that you would have otherwise paid to your local sale barn or television livestock auction. Negotiate your own sale - sell on your own scales... Save another 3 or 4 percent by avoiding shrinkage and freight!
If you need help negotiating your sale, give us a call. We're ready to help.
  • Registration is always FREE and provides for automatic email notification when new listings are posted to categories that YOU select.
  • Registration is required in order for sellers to post.
  • Anyone can browse. (Simply click on the categories at left.)
  • Personal information is never revealed or shared on this website or by Livestock Listing LLC by any method whatsoever.
  • Private communication between interested parties can be initiated only by way of this site's secure contact form. As a seller, your identity is protected until you chose to respond to an inquiry initiated by a prospective buyer.
  • functions only to match the mutual interests of buyers and sellers.

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